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    2016-06-25 16:39

    Polish furniture industry is not politics. Market analysts for several years, are optimistic about the development of Polish furniture industry. Depending on the year, it is in the diversity on the type of furniture (once more popular kitchen furniture, other times eg. Bedroom), but in overall situation of the furniture industry, production and sales continue to grow.
    According to "Rzeczpospolita", the value of Polish furniture exports last year exceeded to 36.6 billion PLN ; Thomas Wiktorski, an expert in our industry (the owner of "B + R Studio), estimates that in 2015 closed with the amount of PLN 39 billion. This means that the production and sale of Polish furniture has increased over the last decade by more than 40% i.e. nine times since the mid-90s. According to Wiktorski - despite the government changes made in autumn 2015 - this trend should not change.
    This opinion is already confirmed by the facts. "The value of production sold during the months I-IV 2016., was equal to 13 billion PLN. This represents an increase of 13 % in comparison to the same period of 2015 (11.5 billion PLN). In turn, the value of production sold in April alone was characterized by increase of 16 % compared to the same month in 2015, the same was 3 billion 234 million. "
    Interestingly, in our opinion, is situation of "Ultra Plus", which is well illustrated by the graph Implementation of the plan: Division No. 3 Furniture. The beginning of the year did not start particularly well, but in March Furniture reached 127% level of the planned production, while in April it was up to143%!
    This increase is certainly a reflection of national trends and it would not have been possible if not for two reasons: diligent work of the entire personnel associated with increasingly higher quality of work organization as well introduction of a new range of furniture which is called "Next" System. Especially, the second of these reasons, seems to indicate that increase reached in April should remain in the coming months of 2016.
    Keep it up!

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    We support NGO!

    2016-06-15 16:37

    What is an NGO?: Non-Government Organization such as association, foundation, social organization working in any field of social life: culture, art, but also social assistance and even animate social life. From the social system, it looks that there are two main sectors relating to the organization of society in the area of ​​employment: people working in private industry or the budget. There is, however, hence its name, the third sector. It is the NGOs, social organizations very useful, helpful and necessary. These organizations, however, generally do not produce anything, remain the most from grants, programs and other external sources of financing. It is not easy to lead a non-governmental organization, although the objectives of its activities are very important.

    "Plus Ultra" appreciates the importance of NGOs and various ways responsive to their needs. The last example of our support team offering chairs "Wanderer", the musical team operating under the aegis of the Foundation for Talented Children, Youth and Adults "Wanderer" in Kozy.

    Reaction "Włóczykijów" on our gift, expressed in the letter speaks for itself. Nothing more nothing less. The benefit for organizations and joy for donors.

    May the chairs, Dear "Wanderer", serve you as long as possible!

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    Moroccan impressions

    2016-05-05 16:32

    For over two years we carry on our cooperation with partners from Morocco. We have planned our visit to this situated in the north-east African country for a long time. Finally we succeeded! In March 2016, we found ourselves in this extremely hospitable country, welcomed in the thresholds of our partners. We were really surprised to notice at the entrance to the offices of our customers both Moroccan and Polish flag.

    Our trip to Morocco was to make a broader product presentation "Ultra Plus", enriched by a range so far not known to Moroccans. Working character of the visit was not overshadowed by a chance to commune with the charms of this picturesque country. We visited the cities of our partners such as: Casablanca, Marrakech and Morocco's capital - Rabat. We experienced a warm openness of Moroccans. And in conclusion, we are very pleased that the next fruitful discussions could experience the culture through different from ours.

    Greetings and thanks to all our wonderful Moroccan Hosts for your time and we urge you very strongly: please come with a return visit to the Polish, to us, to "Ultra Plus."


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    2016-03-23 10:22

    On Wednesday, 27 January 2016 at Business Club at the Stadium of Wroclaw was ceremony of "Business Gazelle 2015" award.

    We will remind you what the award is about. Well, award of "Business Gazelles" – it is a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium businesses. The first edition of the Business Gazelles ranking was held in 2000. Ab"Gazelle" is a small or medium size company, that due to extremely dynamic development can cope even among much larger competitors.

    Coface Poland is is responsible for verifying the financial data reported enterprises. The ranking is one of the most important statements of presenting achievements of Polish companies in a given year. " Ultra Plus " was ranked by the "Business Gazelles" already in 2005. From 2012 ultra Plus is continually climbing to the top of the list of best companies in Poland.

    In 2014 Ultra Plus reached 89th position in the whole of voivodship and at the same time it was 823 place in the scale of the whole country. Last year, thanks to the dynamic development Ultra Plus significantly raised to the 520th position in the country – which gave us at 58th position at a scale of voivodship! Just to add that the increase in revenue in 2015 was at the level of 187%, which means that our company is still climbing to the top!

    It should also be noted that our neighbors: Polish Ceramics refractory in Żarów and Colgate-Palmolive in, which is undoubtedly among the most recognizable companies, both globally and in Poland was placed at 4187 and 4217 in the whole country and 430 and 434 in the whole province. Compared to these two "giants" is proof of how rapidly develops Ultra Plus.

    Such a significant jump in our "Gazelle" is the result of the enormous dynamic growth of "Ultra Plus." This however would not be without the diligence and perseverance of our entire staff, which, in 2015 have demonstrated exemplary adaptation and use of projects implemented by a proxy board Ludwika Hołub Koziołek. Ms. Ludwika Holub-Koziołek spares no words of appreciation to all employees "Ultra Plus." - You are great and so keep up the good job, thank you very much! - she says.

    At the ceremony of "Business Gazelles" in Wrocłwa our company was represented by Kornelia Lewko from the Department of Furniture Faactory, Bogdan Maksanty from the Department of Metal and Ludwika Holub – Koziołek, representing the Management Board of "Plus Ultra".


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    Happy Easter 2016

    2016-03-22 12:29

    Who came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Who cares?

    It’s Easter! Happy Easter to you and your family.


    Happy Easter 2016

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    2015-12-09 16:58
    The time of Christmas and New Year are approaching with fast steps. We can already hear steps, tapping and dancing during the carnival and skiing on winter days. Each of them has its own tempo, rhythm, music, own atmosphere, its own climate. Christmas Holidays mean family gatherings, New Year and Carnival lots of fun and winter holidays - active rest. But they all share one thing: we spend this time in company of people who are close to us, family and friends.
    Dear Friends, Partners, Customers, Employees and Co-workers
    the upcoming Christmas and New Year is also a great opportunity to show each other feeling of sincere sympathy, to share not only gifts, but also a good, warm word.
    We wish you all a healthy, cheerful and prosperous Christmas and a great New Year's party. May this period be full of beautiful emotions: the spirit of peace, love and sense of security. And in the New Year, we wish You all to achieve all what you desire, we hope You will be able to fulfil all you aspire for and what you dream of.
    And remember: We are with You!


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    2015-11-26 16:48

    Observing the recent actions of "Ultra Plus" we are convinced that our company is made up of people with a real passion.

    The aim of our joint action is to give another man a comfortable chair, armchair, functional and aesthetic desk, table or a shelf. This common goal, is the result of work of each of us individually. Because only passion of each of us individually allows us to achieve our goal: comfort, pleasure and joy of the end user of our work.

    Our furniture is created with passion, and this means that at the same time every detail is created with the same commitment.

    Passion means that passionate is pulled into the vortex of improvements and enhancements in a constant desire to improve the quality of their work and their creations. It lies in the deep human need for competition. But for the true enthusiast competition with others is only a semblance. A true enthusiast is measured by himself, and the rivalry he needs in order to found out how much he is able to meet, learn, simply to achieve.

    You do not believe? So look at "Ultra Plus", which in recent months has become a real arena for championship competition.

    First, "Ultra Plus" competes in the market of office furniture industry. With what result? Well, with such that in October we broke another financial record. I would like to extend this subject, but let us wait till the beginning of November - to surprise everyone with information about the next increase.

    Secondly, competition takes place within "Ultra Plus" itself because the struggle takes place also between our factories. This is an exciting fight which results in  increasingly higher quality and higher production, and the results of this competition are wonderful.

    Thirdly, competition occurs at the level of each employee individually. Recently, as the  best evidenced we can take under consideration incredible results of our operator of Brandt edge bander, Łukasz, who for the last three times beat his own records. October 20th made 1849 running meters, on October 30th - 1957 running meters and on the 17th November - 2065 running meters! He has achieved this result with the help of his  assistant Youra.

    Isn’t it a passion? Recognizing all the ins and outs of the machine and to develop the production process, which allows you to achieve high performance, it is a real passion, what's more, passion of a professional.

    In all this list of rivalry, record of Lukasz is of particular importance. On one hand, it brings new standards for production, and on the other hand it is something even more important – it is a symbol of the possibility of all of us. Therefore, Luke was honoured with the symbolic handing to him of a glass vase with engravings with our motto , " Ultra Plus" - Always Ahead !!!

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    2015-09-14 16:47

    On Friday, 11th of September an audit and evaluation of functioning of "Ultra Plus"  has ended. Since the analysis of our work, got positive feedback, we became the owners of ISO certificate, which is valid until 2017. We accepted the above certificate with joy, but also, saying jokingly, calmly as a marathon runner who knows where he is going.  

    ISO certification gives evidence that the product or service is made in accordance to the relevant legal standards. ISO belongs to standardized quality management system, environment, safety, occupational health and safety, information which determines standards of the International Organization for Standardization. They are approved by the Polish Commission for Standardization. ISO certificate is the only legitimate standard quality - the other "quality marks," are usually a marketing tricks.  We know the quality of our products, high standards and modern working conditions in the "Ultra Plus". ISO-certification confirms the certainty and consistency with which we create a modern enterprise producing furniture and components of the highest quality.

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    2015-09-11 09:19

    The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, France and of course Poland – those are the countries from which arrived our Customers who represent leading European companies – producers and those dealing with the office furniture industry. We hosted our long-time friends, but also representatives of new, interested in cooperation with Ultra Plus companies. All this could happen due to the "Ultra Plus", Interior Fair that took place between 7th -10th  September 2015 both in our factories as well as in a beautiful palace in Jugowice.

    This was the third edition of commercial and promotional trade organized by our company. With great pleasure we presented to our guests our "Ultra Plus", factories including the meetings with crews directly on production lines, we presented the latest technologies and machinery with new slot machines and robots, which we introduced recently for use.

    The real hit, however, the fair has become a premiere our new system furniture Bench, designed for office space and call centre, which we have a trade name - NEXT. This system, in our opinion, is a product who hit wins European market for office furniture and rooms. Our plan is confirmed Jugowicka fair - after the release of NEXT, our customers admiringly stated that a great product, both due to the complete functional solutions and a competitive price. - You have done a great job - so customers made comments about our new product. We believe that this is a good harbinger for our sales plans!

    As for the NEXT system, we are pleased to announce that the first orders are already under construction and we will start shipping new orders in full swing with the start of packaging system, over which just finish the job.

    During the fair, we also talked with our customers about creating new and better models of collaboration. With great attention we listened to many opinions and suggestions to find solutions in this field and we will do everything to improve the nature of the cooperation in all respects - from the presentation of commercial starting and ending with the logistics of distribution.

    Internal Trade of "Ultra Plus" in Jugowice was one of those meetings, which when closed is said: pity that it ended because it was great in every way! So what's left?

    We thank all of our fair guests for their presence, their willingness to cooperate, constructive proposals and suggestions. Today, thinking of you, Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare presentations and more surprising release.

    See you at the next Fair of Interior "Plus Ultra"!

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    2015-08-27 16:45

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Employees of the Department of Metal.

    Surely you have noticed that during the last weeks I’ve  spent with you every moment. I watched your work, I learned from you, but  also expressed my own  comments.

    I'm impressed.  By spending time on all three shifts, in the paint shop, which is a part of your department, I saw your commitment; caring attention to detail and dedication to the work which moved me deeply.

    Thank you sincerely. You are all fantastic!

    Dear Marian, thank you for your prompt action with the hooks to our FIX-chairs, those hooks helped increased productivity by 30% just in few moments.

    I would like to say thank you to our ladies that work in welding shop and to Your attention and dedication to work. I see your struggles and attention to adapt to new technological implementations and new gears.

    I am happy that you so vividly and flexibly react to new challenges that you are open to those new challenges, because they define the next stages of development of "Ultra Plus". So to say it “squeezes me in the pit” at the thought that soon all our park robots will operate at full capacity.

    Dear employees, as you know, in August METAL reached a record number of orders, it is a dual record: in case of Metal and the whole of our company. Congratulations

    Today, looking at your efforts in achieving the pursued objective, watching the pulsating life at your department, I want to say that I am filled with pride and thank you so much, because Metal is the heart of "Ultra Plus".

    Best regards to all employees  of "Ultra Plus"

    Louis Holub Koziołek